Led lamp PL 5W G23 Green 2 pin


LED lamp universal G23 PL-S 2-pin, will directly replace the old light bulbs for example. Philips PL-S or osram 9w 11w 2-pin, do not change anything, PLUG AND PLAY , 230vac, low-power 5w, up to 500 lm 4000-4500K, cover milk, isolated driver, PF> 0.9, emission angle 120 ° degrees, dimensoni 167x20x30 mm, neutral white. Advantages: low power consumption, saving up to 60% on the Bill of Light and maintenance, long life LED up to 50,000 hours (MTBF LED 30.000H). For large quantities> 100 quote request to info@omnialed.com , delivery time about 10 days

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