Led tube T8 for ECG and CCG ballast 120 cm 20w 2400Lm

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LED tube UNIVERSAL PLUG and PLAY for magnetic and electronic ballasts. Are compatible with electronic and magnetic ballasts , consumption 20W, 230vac, up to 50KHz, up to 2400 lumens. Led Tubes 120 cm, T8 G13. Polycarbonate and aluminum, as an alternative to traditional neon tubes 36W. - Weight 300 g approx. - Advantages: - Reduction of fuel consumption by up to 50% saving on the bill of Light. - IMMEDIATE CHANGE WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING, also suitable for VDT screen with ceiling - Instant start, flicker-free 100% - Long life LED 50.000 hours approx. - A lamp that produces a lot of heat (suitable for cell Fridge and Fridge Counters) - The price depends on the quantity. - Request quote for larger quantities to info@omnialed.com, the delivery time of 15-20 days approx. Watch this Video LED ELECTRONIC TUBES

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