led Tube T8 DIMMABLE 120 cm 18w

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Led Tubes 120 cm with DIMMABLE triac, to adjust the brightness according to your needs. Up to 2200 Lumen to 4000K, illumination angle up to 160 °. As an alternative to neon tubes 36W. Material Polycarbonate and aluminum - 230 Vac - Attack G13 - 18W consumption, weight 400 g approx. - Advantages: - Reduction of fuel consumption by up to 50% saving on the bill of Light. - Immediate replacement, do not replace the bulb, but just unscrew the starter, for some ceiling Always follow the mounting template for LED tubes attached. (This model is not suitable for luminaires with electronic ballast), also suitable for VDT screen with ceiling lights - Long life LEDs up to 50,000 hours approx. The Maximum Number of LED tubes can be connected depends on the power of the triac for inductive loads, about 20 led tubes, the distance between the tubes and cables from interference

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