Ibrid Solar inverter 1000W MPPT Hi Freq.


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Solar Inverter MPPT da 1 KW, This inverter is used in Isola or Stand Alone plants and allows you to power a load via solar panels or batteries.

This Solavoltaic Inverter Off-Grid photovoltaic with pure wave with MPPT high frequency integrated charge regulator designed to meet all the needs of the stand-alone solar market.

All in One, all in a single product; It can work in off-grid inverter mode for photovoltaic systems, in inverter mode with switching to an electrical generator and UPS, all thanks to a simple display.

In the event that electricity from solar panels is not sufficient to powered loads,
The inverter will take the energy from the batteries,
If these are discharged, if connected to 1 generator or network system, it will automatically commute to the mains voltage.

Solar panels of 18-80VDC, necessary power solar panels 400-500w, Max Vinput 80V, Max Power Input 500w,

12V 100-200AH battery voltage, load voltage 230vac max 1000w or 1kw

Only hybrid solar inverter is sold, solar panels and battery are excluded

Delivery times 15-20 days


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